Eco Group

Our School Eco Committee

Our School Eco Committee is made up of pupils from each year group and is led by Mrs Chapman with support from Mrs Lobban and other parents (Mrs Carter, Mrs Stevenson and Mrs Wallis).  We are working towards obtaining our Green Flag Award.  The committee meets every fortnight and plans out our forthcoming Eco activities.

Our School's 2015-16 Eco Code was designed by Ollie (P2)

Our School’s Eco Code was designed by Ollie (P2)

Eco-Schools Scotland has ten topics.  We have to focus on three in order to obtain Green Flag Status.  Our three topics are Litter (compulsory topic), Biodiversity and School Grounds.  For more infomation on what we have been doing for each topic, please take a look at our Newsletter or visit our Eco Blog.

The School Eco Committee has produced several documents.

  • Environmental Review – Each year the school conducts an Environmental Review.  This is an audit of the school and is designed to help us decide what we are doing well, and what topics we may like to work on in the future.  To view a Summary of our Environmental Review for 2015, please click here.
  • Action Plans –  The Action Plan at the core of our Eco Committee’s work and is developed using the results of our Environmental Review.  It list projects for Litter, Biodiversity and School Grounds, and is updated every time the Eco Committee meets.  To view our recent Action Plans, please click here.  (Updated 22nd Mar 2015)
  • Litter Policy – The Eco Committee has produced a Litter Policy.  To view it, please click here.


For more information about Eco-Schools Scotland, visit their website