Dyslexia Support

Dyslexia Support for your child:

We are a Dyslexia friendly school providing support for your child through specialist training and contacts with Dyslexia Scotland.

Dyslexic Pupils at Finzean School receive targeted support from Mrs Moorhouse, teachers and PSAs.  The strategies used are appropriate for all learners for example:  differentiation of tasks, Toe by Toe, Hornet, overlays, use of Digital Technology, extra time, thinking time, mind maps, which leads to an inclusive practice for all.

In 2016, Mrs Moorhouse volunteered to become a member of the Aberdeenshire Council Working Party on Dyslexia.  Arising from this, in 2017, she was one of a team on the Career Long Professional Learning Working Group which created a training package on Dyslexia, for colleagues within Aberdeenshire Council.  Mrs Moorhouse  ran training courses across the Aberdeenshire Council area.

In 2017, she was also one of 30 teachers in Scotland who was accepted onto the Dyslexia Pilot Project run by Dyslexia Scotland, the Open University and the General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS) funded by the Scottish Government.

For the Pilot Scheme, Mrs Moorhouse completed 3 Modules – Introduction: Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice; Supporting Dyslexia, Inclusive Practice and Literacy and; Dyslexia: Identification and Support.  She also undertook a Professional Research/Enquiry project during Module 3, submitted it to the GTCS and was granted Professional Recognition in Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice in January 2019.

Mrs Moorhouse has presented at the Dyslexia Education Conference in October 2018 and arising therefrom, she has presented to the Cross Party in Dyslexia at Holyrood, the Scottish Parliament, in January 2019.

Since taking up the post of Head Teacher, Mrs Moorhouse has since trained other colleagues in the Council and Probationers.

On 30th January 2020, Mrs Moorhouse attended a Ceremony at the General Teaching Council of Scotland Headquarters in Edinburgh, to receive her Professional Recognition.

Since then, Mrs Moorhouse has been a member of the Dyslexia Scotland and Education Scotland Panel for Professional Recognition, which approves the submissions from teachers, and ASL teachers for Professional Recognition in Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice, and advises GTCS accordingly.