Parent Information

Dates for the diary 2023/24

Listed below are the start dates for each term and holidays.

For information about what is going on during each term, please look at the “What’s On” section.

Term 1
21st August 2023 – In-Service day (1)
22nd August 2023 – start of term 1
13th October 2023 – end of term 1
16th to 27th October 2023 – October holiday
28th , 29th and 30th August – Bikeability
31st August – Jammin Andy
1st September – P1 and Parents/Carers lunch  

4th and 18th September – P1/2/3 trip to Woods
11th and 25th September – P4/5/6/7 den building/woods  

10th September – Tom’s Cairn Race
19th September – Parents Evening
5th October – Macmillan Coffee morning
5th October – PC Meeting – online  
Dates to be confirmed:  

P1 First Class photo
Term 2
30th October 2023 – start of term 2
16th November 2023 – In-Service day (2)
17th November 2023 – In-Service day (3)
22nd December 2023 – end of term 2
25th December 2023 to 5th January 2024 – Christmas holiday
 4th or 5th November – Bonfire Night (P1/2/3 to prepare the Guy)
11th November – Remembrance Day Service
15th November – Children in Need – £1 – wear spots
21st November – Open Afternoon  
1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd December – Christmas Jumpers
19th December – End of Term Service
21st December- Christmas Party  
Dates to be confirmed:  

Parent Council Meeting
Open Afternoon
Reverse Advent Appeal
Christmas Lunch

Term 3
8th January 2024 – start of term 3
8th February 2024 – Aboyne Cluster holiday
9th February 2024 – Aboyne Cluster holiday
12th February 2024 – mid-term holiday
13th February 2024 – In-Service day (4)
14th February 2024 – In-Service day (5)
28th March 2024 – end of term 3
29th March to 17th April 2024 – Spring holiday
25th January – Burns Day
7th March – World Book Day  
Dates to be confirmed:  

Parent Council Meeting
Open Afternoon  
Term 4
15th April 2024 – start of term 4
6th May 2024 – May Day holiday
5th July 2024 – end of term 4
8th July to 16th August 2024 – Summer holiday
22nd to 26th April – P6/7 Residential Trip -Nethybridge
7th May – Parents Evening
21st May – Sports Day
28th May – Sports Day (Reserve)
5th July – End of Term Service    
Dates to be confirmed:  

Parent Council Meeting
Report Cards to Parents/Carers
Health Week
P7 Last Class photo  

School Meals


Parental involvement and engagement are important to the school and the nursery and we are very appreciative of their support. In the past, parents have been involved with a variety of activities to help support and add to pupil learning, for example, listening to reading, running the Recorder Group, helping at the School Woods for outdoor learning, coming on school trips, and raising money for the school. To develop the DYW project, parents and carers will also be asked to take part in a proposed Careers Event at the school, in Term 4, when they will be asked to talk to the P4/5/6/7 class about their job/profession and the skills and qualifications they need.

The active and supportive Parent Council support the school by actioning issues raised at the Parent Council meetings and raise much needed funds for school projects and resources by running their 2 main Fundraising Activities, namely the Tom’s Cairn Race and the Christmas Fair.

The staff are really appreciative in all that you do. Thank you.

Office Bearers for 2023/24

Chair: Mr A Graham-Wright

Secretary: Mrs L Bayne

Treasurer: Mrs D Dinnie


Standardised National Standardised Assessments Session 2023/24

In line with Aberdeenshire Council Policy, pupils at Finzean School will engage with the Scottish Government’s Standardised National Standardised Assessments (SNSAs). The Scottish Government commissioned the Scottish National Standardised Assessments as part of the National Improvement Framework.

For children and young people to have the best chance of reaching their potential, parents, carers, teachers and the children themselves, need to understand how they are progressing, and what further support they require. Alongside a wide range of other assessment activity, the assessments help to inform that understanding by providing teachers with objective and nationally consistent information on children’s progress.

However, ongoing and informal assessment is, and will continue to be, a central part of everyday assessment. Teachers will continue to draw on all of the assessment information available to them, when considering children’s progress and planning the next steps in their learning.

Thereafter, Teachers can then discuss children’s progress with them and their parents, planning next steps accordingly, and ensuring parents understand how best to support their child’s learning at home.

What is being assessed?

Scottish National Standardised Assessments focus on aspects of reading, writing and numeracy.

Who is being assessed?

All children in P1, P4, P7 and S3.

How many times will your child take the assessments in a school session?

P1 children will take two SNSA assessments: one in literacy and one in numeracy.

P4 children will take three SNSA assessments: one in reading, one in writing and one in numeracy.

P7 children will take three SNSA assessments: one in reading, one in writing and one in numeracy.

The following assessment schedule will be followed at Finzean School, in line with Authority policy:

April/May 2024                      P7s

April/May 2024                   P4s

May 2024    P1s